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Caster Application Pros/Cons


Caster knowledge from Caster Concepts

3 Key Improvements in Caster Manufacturing

Historically, the manufacture of industrial casters has combined the processes of forging, casting, stamping, and welding.

Popular Swivel Locks Options for Industrial Caster Applications

In caster applications involving swivel locks, straight line motion is often required while high maneuverability is required in other aspects of the application.

Pros/Cons of Pneumatic Tires in Industrial Caster Applications

Pneumatic tires are a popular wheel option in industrial caster applications.

3 Brake Options for Heavy Duty Caster Applications

Brakes are a very popular option for heavy duty industrial casters.

4 Common Causes of Caster Failure in Industrial Applications

Heavy duty industrial casters are used in a variety of applications, ranging from a simple work cart to tools made to carry airplane nosecones.

Pros/Cons of Engineered Plastic Wheels in Heavy Duty Caster Applications

In industrial caster applications, engineered plastics are a popular choice for wheel material.

Kingpin versus Kingpinless Swivel Section Design in Industrial Casters

When designing a heavy duty industrial caster there are two main designs for the swivel section of the caster: King Pin Design and Kingpinless Design.

Rigid Casters, Swivel Casters and Poly Wheel use in Cart Applications

When equipping an industrial cart or truck with heavy duty casters, there are many different combinations that can be used to gain certain steering or handling characteristics.

Improving Caster Performance

Most people underestimate the choices and variety of products available when specifying out heavy duty industrial casters for their material handling application.

Selecting Wheels and Casters Based on Floor Conditions

Correctly specified industrial casters can help improve employee health and safety by reducing ergonomic forces needed for operation.


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