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Heavy Duty CastersIndustrial Caster Wheels — Overview

Caster Concepts produces a large variety of industrial caster wheels in all sizes to meet your specific application. This includes cast iron wheels and polyurethane wheels to the user-specific v-groove wheels and flanged wheels.  Whatever your requirements, Caster Concepts has a heavy duty caster wheel for your industrial application.

FAQ: The Difference Between a Caster and a Wheel

Many people identify  “caster” and “wheel,” as being the same thing. They are not. The wheel is one part of a caster. A caster also includes the mounting system that holds the wheel in place. It is the complete assembly of everything involved (wheel, axle, bearings, rig). This holds true for both rigid or swivel casters.
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Caster Wheel Applications

 In the manufacturing process, industrial caster wheels play a key role in material handling. Medium duty, heavy duty, or extra heavy duty applications are where these wheels shine. Furniture caster wheels and office chair wheels are examples of light duty applications that don’t require the same degree of durability and construction.

Tugger Carts are a good example. These carts travel over cracks, potholes, and floor debris which can all damage the wheels. Add a heavily loaded cart traveling at high speeds, and the problem is magnified.  The wheels must be durable able to handle this abuse. A good rule of thumb is to determine which is harder, the wheel or the floor. You want your wheel to be a little softer than the floor to protect the floor’s surface.

Shock Loading (dropping a load on a cart from any height) and side thrust from a cart skidding or being pushed sideways, are also stress factors. In these cases, the caster rig is also reinforced

Other concerns involve the caster wheel’s exposure to a variety of chemicals or fluids that can degrade the tire. Solvents, debris, and moisture of any kind (including water) pose potential contamination concerns of the bearing and or the running surface.

High temperatures can also have a negative effect on the wheel and bearings. In all these conditions, Caster Concepts has a variety of polyurethane material to choose from.

Bearing Types for Caster Wheels

The bearing type should also be a consideration when designing a wheel for a specific application.

  • Manual applications and walking speeds use Roller Bearings
  • High speed applications require Precision Ball Bearings. They are typically maintenance-free and the best choice economically.
  • Tapered Bearings are used for the most abusive applications and heaviest loads. They also require maintenance to assure adjustment.


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