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Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels: Which One is Right for Your Application?

Caster Concepts produces a large variety of heavy duty caster wheels in all sizes to meet your specific application. This includes cast iron wheels and polyurethane wheels to the user-specific v-groove wheels and flanged wheels. There are a few steps to review that can help determine which type of wheel you will need.

Step 1:  Where the wheel is being used?

High-temperature settings can have a negative effect on heavy duty caster wheels. In these conditions, steel or high temp plastic work best. If maintaining floor conditions is priority one, you will want a softer material like polyurethane. It is durable enough to handle the abuse of poor floor conditions but softer than the floor to protect it. If ergonomics are a concern, consider Twergo or balloon tread wheels with PTMEG Ergo tread polyurethane.

Urethanes are also excellent if the caster wheel is exposed to a variety of chemicals or fluids that can degrade the tire. Is the wheel being used on a track? In that case, v-groove and flanged wheels are preferred to minimize guidance and rolling effort.

Step 2: Does your wheel need to transport heavy loads?

For heavier loads, larger polyurethane wheels both protect the floors and make the cart easier to move. And to keep the overall height down, steel and Nytec wheels handle heavier loads in a smaller size.

Step 3: Are ergonomics a consideration?

Generally, harder wheels move and swivel more easily. For instance, if, after matching the floor and wheel composition you settle on, say, polyurethane, you must then evaluate the type of urethane, as this impacts ergonomics. There are various materials and durometers of heavy duty caster wheels to choose from to meet your needs.

If you said yes to both steps 2 and three, you may have to go to a dual wheel ergonomic caster, such as our Twergo® Extreme.

Step 4: Consider your bearings

When thinking about wheels, don’t forget another important consideration: your bearings. Traditional roller bearings are still important in higher temperature applications. Ball bearings are typically the better option for most applications, especially for ease of movement. Tapered bearings are best for rigorous applications that see a lot of abuse, such as shock and side loading.

Whatever your requirements, Caster Concepts has a heavy duty caster wheel for your industrial application. If you still have questions regarding the proper caster wheel choice, you can click on the learn more button on any of our caster wheels below.

V-Groove casters


V-groove wheels are constructed of premium G-3000 gray iron castings or hot forged C-1030 steel. The 90 degree grooves are V-Groove



The single wheel version of our extraordinary TWERGO® wheels utilizes the same patented face design to reduce initial and continuous TWERGO® Lite

TWERGO® – The Ultimate Ergonomic Wheel

TWERGO® ergonomic wheels provide exceptional ergonomic benefits. These include a significant reduction in the initial and continuous push force required TWERGO® – The Ultimate Ergonomic Wheel

Single Flanged

The flanged wheel is designed to operate on steel tracks to minimize guidance and rolling effort. These wheels are constructed Single Flanged

Round Tread

The Round Tread wheel, often called a “Donut” wheel, is primarily an ergonomic wheel. Because this wheel is rounded, it Round Tread


Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane on Cast Iron is the most common type of wheel used in industrial caster applications, offering extreme durability and Polyurethane Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic caster wheels offer the highest cushioning and shock-absorbing capabilities without moving to a more expensive spring-loaded caster. Capacities of Pneumatic Wheels

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic caster wheels are constructed from resin and macerated canvas, offering unparalleled durability and resistance to oil and chemicals. These Phenolic Resin


NyTec-MD is a nylon-filled material that results in a high-load capacity floor protective wheel. Wheel capacities approach those of similar NyTec-MD

Mold On Rubber Caster Wheels

Caster Concepts offers the highest quality domestic Mold On Rubber wheels. Our rubber wheels consist of a soft black, 70-durometer Mold On Rubber Caster Wheels

forged steel wheel

Forged Steel

Forged steel wheels are hot forged from high carbon steel billets heated to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit and then repeatedly hit Forged Steel

Ductile Iron

Ductile iron wheels feature many of the same characteristics of cast iron; however, the ductile iron wheel has higher tensile Ductile Iron

Dual Flanged Wheel

Dual Flanged and U-Groove Wheels.

In industries where precision and smooth operation are paramount, our Dual Flanged or U-Groove Wheel offers a reliable solution for Dual Flanged and U-Groove Wheels.

Conveyor Keyway and Drive Wheels.

Keyway drive wheels or conveyor wheels are used in various power transmission applications and involve securing a wheel to a Conveyor Keyway and Drive Wheels.


Cast Iron Caster Wheels

Caster Concepts offers an unrivaled selection of cast iron caster wheels designed to meet the most demanding material handling needs. Cast Iron Caster Wheels