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Caster Wheels Overview

Caster Concepts produces a large variety of industrial caster wheels in all sizes to meet your specific application. From cast iron wheels to polyurethane wheels to the user-specific v-groove wheels and flanged wheels, Caster Concepts supplies the highest quality heavy duty caster wheels for all industrial applications.


Industrial caster wheels are made for a variety of applications and for the most part, will go into a manufacturing process for the purpose of material handling. They are made for medium duty heavy duty or extra heavy duty applications. Most industrial applications involve some degree of abuse in the application also. The abuse can originate from a variety of situations, including:

  • Carts being tugged and transported by power equipment
  • “Shock Loading” a cart (dropping a load on a cart even if from a very short height)
  • Side thrust from the cart skidding or being pushed sideways
  • Difficult floor conditions (expansion cracks, potholes in the floor, or deterioration of the floors) which are impacted when the cart is heavily loaded and traveling at high speed
  • Environmental – exposure to a variety of chemicals or fluids that may degrade the tire
  • Temperatures – heat from the work situation or an oven that will damage the tire or bearing

Bearing Types

Each wheel can then be fitted with a variety of different bearing types. The bearing type should also be a consideration with designing a wheel into a specific application.

  • Roller Bearings – Used for manual applications and walking speeds.
  • Precision Ball Bearing – Used for higher speed applications, will take less abuse, can be sealed for maintenance free applications-Best ergonomic impact on the application.
  • Tapered Bearing – Used for the most abusive applications and heaviest loads. Require maintenance to assure adjustment


There are other miscellaneous issues that always should be considered when designing applying a wheel to a specific application.

  • Impact the wheel will have on the running surface-Always consider which is harder, the running surface or the wheel. Ideally they should nearly match and for the purpose of preserving the running surface (generally a floor) the wheel should be slightly softer.
  • Environment – Solvents, foreign debris on the running surface, moisture of any kind (including water), potential contamination of the bearing and or the running surface.
  • Ergonomics – Will the cart be handled manually (maybe be tugged and then manually manipulated) and are there forces that should not be exceeded to eliminate injury.

All Wheels

  • Flanged Wheels
  • Forged Steel Wheels
  • Keyway Wheels
  • Mold on Rubber Wheels
  • NYTEC-MD Wheels
  • Phenolic Resin Wheels
  • Round (Crown) Tread Wheels
  • Steel and Iron V-Groove Wheels
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