The Round Tread wheel, often called a “Donut” wheel, is primarily an ergonomic wheel. Because this wheel is rounded, it reduces the footprint of polyurethane that comes in contact with the floor, resulting in less friction than traditional, flat tread caster wheels. The rounded tread design also helps to push away debris rather than trapping it in the wheel.

While the Balloon Wheel is a good product for reducing push-pull force, it does have limitations on weight capacity. It is offered with various tread polyurethane formulations. These include our ErgoTread formulation, which returns energy and helps reduce the force exerted to keep rolling, and a formulation that resists heat build up caused by higher speeds in powered applications such as AGVs or tuggers.


The round tread wheel is an ergonomically wheel designed to reduce the force needed to start and move a cart. The wheel is also formulated to have a high resistance to picking up debris, is designed to reduce noise, and is easy on flooring. The wheel features a rust-resistant aluminum core and is maintenance free, so the bearings never need greasing.


Round Tread Wheels are perfect for a wide variety of low-capacity applications where lower push forces are desired.

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