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Conveyor Keyway and Drive Wheels.

Keyway drive wheels or conveyor wheels are used in various power transmission applications and involve securing a wheel to a shaft. The keyways are cut to fit a keywayed shaft and are held in place with two set screws. One set screw is placed over the key and one at 90 degrees to the keyway.

The most popular keyway and drive wheels are made of rubber or soft polyurethane. However, Keyway wheels are also manufactured in other materials, such as forged steel or cast iron, and are available in numerous wheel widths and sizes.

 With precision machining and tight tolerances, we ensure that every conveyor part we fabricate meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Quotes for specific requirements are also readily available.


Tracking issues are a common concern in conveyor systems, often leading to lost production and damaged products. Our conveyor wheels are designed to turn and roll with precision, enhancing tracking accuracy and preventing wheel failure.

Our drive wheel material includes the highest quality polyurethane as well as other materials depending on your needs.


Keyway drive wheels are used in various power transmission applications and can be found in the automotive, food processing, and other industrial settings.

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