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Tire Manufacturing Industry

Caster & Wheel Solutions For Tire Manufacturing

In the tire manufacturing industry, as many as two hundred raw materials go into making a tire. These materials are transported to prep zones, storage areas, and the tire building machines themselves. This task involves using several material handling carts that deal with heavy loads and any number of scrap debris on the floor.

Caster Concepts has worked with many tire manufacturing plants to help them solve issues related to higher load capacities, overexertion, floor debris, and high-temperature environments.  A great example is our 77 Series Dual Roll Ball Bearing with Twergo Wheels, which helped one company reduce push force in half. The in-house manufacturing of our poly tread formulations also helped to minimize wheel debris pickup, reducing rollability issues and providing longer life to caster wheels.

Success Stories

Tread Truck Case Study
Twergo Xtreme Casters with Brake

Debris Resistant Wheels + Ergonomics

Caster Concepts offers casters that reduce friction, dispel debris and provide superior load-bearing capabilities. These qualities reduce the push force to start and keep these carts moving, which in turn helps to reduce employee injuries and the costs associated with them for a safer, more productive workplace. Visit the portal below to experience the products that more tire manufacturers use in their facilities. You can also contact us via Life Chat to talk to a Caster Concepts Representative.