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TWERGO® – The Ultimate Ergonomic Wheel

TWERGO® ergonomic wheels provide exceptional ergonomic benefits. These include a significant reduction in the initial and continuous push force required to move the wheels, as well as a noticeable decrease in the amount of force required to turn and maneuver them.

Furthermore, TWERGO® wheels can help increase productivity by reducing or maintaining existing push force while increasing the load capacity.

TWERGO® wheel’s unique tread thickness and twin wheel design minimize friction and eliminate scrubbing and sliding when turning. All while providing the impact resistance of normal wheels. These features give TWERGO® wheels superior performance in reducing ergonomic forces in manual operations and reducing power consumption in automated applications.

The wheel hub features aluminum die-cast cores for maximum strength while anchoring the multiple-wheel design with a robust spanner.


Benefits of TWERGO® include:

  • Reduce Initial push force by an average of 25%.
  • Independently rotating wheels reduce scrubbing and push force exerted to turn and maneuver.
  • Aluminum core is lighter weight and resists corrosion.
  • Increase load and productivity without increasing push force.

For optimal ergonomic benefit, we recommend using TWERGO® wheels on our ERGOXCEL™ line of kingpinless, maintenance-free ergonomic rigs, including the 55, 57 and 87 Series.


Excellent in any inside applications where ergonomics are a concern. Used in AGV applications to extend wheel life and reduce power consumption.

Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, TWERGO® wheels provide easier movement of loaded carts or vehicles.

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Yes, TWERGO® is designed for performance and can handle higher speed applications like AGVs and Tuggers. By reducing the force exerted to start and turn automated vehicles, TWERGO® can actually help improve performance and battery life as well. As always, performance is dependent upon several factors — so please contact our sales team to help determine the best configuration for your application.


The 3-in-1 configuration is for heavier loads and allows for height advantages in applications that require it. For example, a 3-in-1 configuration with 6-inch-diameter wheels has a maximum capacity of 2,460 pounds per caster, and a 2-in-1 configuration with 10-inch-diameter wheels has a maximum capacity of 2,500 pounds per caster. While they achieve similar weight capacities, the 3-in-1 configuration is four inches shorter.


TWERGO® reduces by an average of 25 percent the amount of force a user must exert to start, stop and turn a cart. This also means that a user can move a cart loaded with 25 percent more items without increasing force exerted. Here’s an example: If a cart using conventional heavy-duty casters requires 40 pounds of initial push for to start moving a load weighing 2,500 pounds, TWERGO®, on average, would require only 30 pounds of initial push force. Adding 25 percent more weight to the cart would create a total load weight of 3,125 pounds, but would still only require 40 pounds of initial push force.


Because TWERGO® reduces the initial push force required to start a cart rolling, as well as the force required to turn a cart, it reduces the risk of overexertion and musculoskeletal injuries like sprains, strains and tears.


TWERGO® industrial casters are built to last, and engineered to achieve its benefits mechanically. TWERGO® is fabricated with precision sealed ball bearing units that require no maintenance. And, while other industrial casters rely on shape or tread material to achieve ergonomic benefits (a benefit that declines as the tread material degrades or deforms), TWERGO® is designed to perform consistently, and continuously achieve lower force exertion.


TWERGO® heavy-duty casters integrate multiple wheels into the standard footprint normally occupied by one wheel. TWERGO®’s patented parabolic wheel face with tapered tread design — coupled with a 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 wheel configuration — promotes increased ergonomics and ease in starting and maneuvering carts. Also, TWERGO® utilizes multiple wheels in that are side by side with no center support bar. This design reduces surface contact and allows the wheels to rotate in the direction and amount that will minimize friction, resulting in less force exerted.


TWERGO® is Caster Concepts’ patented, lower-exertion, greater-productivity industrial caster. TWERGO® is designed to help manufacturers achieve the maximum ergonomic benefits from its heavy-duty caster wheels. Its unique design reduces the initial push force to start a cart moving by an average of 25 percent . It also reduces the force needed to turn and maneuver a cart.