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Ergonauts SealThe Ergonauts’ approval confirms that Caster Concepts’ TWERGO® ergonomic casters have been tested and validated to reduce push forces by over 55% compared with traditional balloon tread casters.

What does this mean?

To earn the Ergonauts certification, a product must be tested, and the results confirmed by two senior professional ergonomists.

The approval verifies that TWERGO heavy duty casters lower push forces. This helps cart operators avoid back strain and other common industrial ergonomic problems which are leading causes of lost time and injury costs.

Why this seal is important.

Year after year, poor ergonomics cause nearly one-third of all non-fatal workplace disabilities across all industries in the US.* It’s a high price for companies to pay in terms of lost productivity, lower morale, and higher insurance premiums.

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Casters are often one of the last factors considered in workplace safety. As material handling carts get heavier and harder for employees to push, fatigue and injury set in. TWERGO® ergonomic casters improve material handling by improving ergonomics.

TWERGO’s patented design lowers push force, which improves efficiency in your operation. With this innovative ergonomic caster, workers

About Ergonauts and the Quest to Reduce Operator Injury.

For over 20 years, Ergonauts has worked with companies and individuals to improve health and reduce the risk of injury. Ergonauts CVO Steve Davis is a pioneer and sought-after speaker in Lean Ergonomics. He and other Ergonauts professionals develop and deliver training for companies and groups and provide expert consulting tailored to specific needs.

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