TWERGO® Casters: Ergonomic Design

TWERGO® casters are Caster Concepts’ patented, ergonomic caster wheel featuring a multiple-wheel-in-one design. The tapered wheels spin independently and can rotate in either direction at any rate. The advantages of this unique design include minimized friction and reduced initial and continuous push force, as well as the force exerted to turn. These benefits are also realized in the reduction of overexertion injuries caused by operators pushing carts that are too heavy.

TWERGO Caster Wheels also feature maintenance-free precision bearings with an aluminum die-cast core to prevent rust and corrosion while providing maximum strength.

Whatever the application, TWERGO has the solution. These caster wheels are also available in extra heavy duty situations with TWERGO XCEL and lighter-duty applications with TWERGO Lite. Whichever TWERGO wheel you choose, you’re assured of a cost-effective and efficient solution to your material handling needs.

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