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Push and pull injuries are some of the most common injuries in many workplaces. Things like sprains and strains are the result of overexertion, which occurs when employees attempt to move or lift loads that are too heavy for them. To reduce worker stain, you can choose caster wheels that produce less friction against facility floors. TWERGOTM caster wheels are among the best casters in the world for several very unique reasons.

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How TWERGOTM Reduces Push Force

TWERGO wheels are specifically designed to minimize friction with the floor, thereby reducing push force and minimizing scrubbing and sliding during turns. Meanwhile, they are still just as resistant to impacts as normal wheels. They manage this with a unique tread, specific thickness, and multi-wheel design with a thick spanner and die-cast aluminum cores. These combined features significantly improve on existing wheels to provide a much more user-friendly caster option. Each of the wheels in the TWERGO assembly rotate independently to provide superior traction with less friction. They are completely maintenance-free, as well, which reduces maintenance costs and hassle.

What This Means for Your Production

TWERGO wheels can help improve ergonomics by allowing up to 25% less force to push, even when the cart or rack is at a dead stop. This alone can drastically reduce strains and sprains due to overexertion – the leading cause of injury in the workplace according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). As far as your production is concerned, as it becomes easier for workers to move loads, and because fewer workers get hurt in the process, you can enjoy consistency and productivity during your facility’s working hours. You can save time and money when it comes to maintenance, too, and because your casters have an improved lifespan, they will not need to be replaced as often as more traditional caster wheels.

Making the Switch to TWERGO

Switching over to TWERGO casters does come with an initial cost, but when you think of the savings you will receive as a result of the better design, it is more of an investment. Fewer injuries means fewer workers compensation claims and more of your skilled employees at work each day. When employees do not need to work quite as hard to do the same job, it improves morale and boosts efficiency significantly. When you factor these things in with the maintenance-free design, it becomes very clear that TWERGO casters can and will save you money in the end. It is a bit of an initial investment, but it will pay for itself in time.

If you want to reduce workplace injury, improve morale, boost your productivity and efficiency, and do away with the cost and headache that comes from regular caster maintenance, consider TWERGO wheels with their unique design that is far superior to anything else on the market today. With 25% less exertion to move a load, your workers will thank you – and so will your bank account.