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V-groove wheels are constructed of premium G-3000 gray iron castings or hot forged C-1030 steel. The 90 degree grooves are accurately machined into the face of the wheels. A relief groove at the base of the “V” directs the load to each face of the angle track when in use.

V-groove wheels can be used on a track, flat surface or both without fear of damage.

Exceptionally strong and ideal for heavy loads, the V-groove wheels are able to be machined out for keyway or various bore sizes.

Wheel material codes: Cast iron (15); heavy-duty cast iron (16); forged steel (25); heavy-duty forged steel (26).

V-Groove casters


Bearings: Roller, tapered, bearingless.
Temperature: Maximum to 800˚ F with proper bearing and lubrication.
Standard: All 1-1/2” and 2” width wheels with 3/4” roller bearings are supplied with 1/2” spanner bushing.


Excellent for guided industrial applications, assembly lines, paint lines and material handling where precise alignment is necessary.

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