These cast iron wheels are constructed of premium Class 30 gray iron for maximum load capacity and impact strength. The wheels feature heavy cross section castings for heavy duty use, abrasion resistance and a long service life. Each wheel is precision machined with rounded edges to finished tolerances.

Built for high capacity applications, the cast iron wheels can withstand extreme heat. Precision tapered bearings are available to complement the characteristics of the wheels.

Wheel material codes: cast iron (10); heavy-duty cast iron (11); ductile iron (12).


Our cast iron wheels are available in different materials so that you can make sure you’re getting exactly the type of wheel that you require. Besides their ability to hold up in harsh environments, they are also an excellent choice for rough or dangerous surfaces, including glass particles, scrap metal, and more.

Standard: All 1-1/2” and 2” wide wheels with 3/4” roller bearings are supplied with 1/2” spanner standard.


These wheels are designed for heavy duty applications with the ability to withstand extreme heat and can be found in many industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, and agriculture.

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