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Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane Caster Wheels: Cast Iron is the most common wheel used in industrial caster applications. Cast Iron wheels are highly durable, rugged, and capable of carrying loads as great as 11,000 lbs on a single high-density polyurethane tread wheel. Caster Concepts has developed custom polyurethane caster formulations to conquer the most common challenges in manufacturing and industrial environments. We process polyurethane in our facility and are one of the very few caster manufacturers that do so. This advantage allows us to maximize quality and flexibility, ensuring you get the best tread formulation for your specific challenge.

From noise reduction to corrosion resistance, there are many great reasons to choose polyurethane caster wheels:

  • Quieter operation compared to harder wheels such as steel or cast iron.
  • Greater load-bearing capacity while still providing the benefits of a rubber tread, such as noise reduction, shock absorption, and floor protection.
  • Deflects and creates a much larger footprint than harder wheel materials, which helps reduce the stress concentrated on floors
  • Provides excellent traction to drive wheels while also reducing push-pull force.
  • Varying levels of resistance to specific environments or conditions.

The mobility specialists at Caster Concepts can assist you in selecting the polyurethane wheel that best fits your needs. Armed with the right information, you can provide your operation with many years of low maintenance and worry-free operation.

T/R 95 Polyurethane Tread

T/R 95 Polyurethane Tread

While many polyurethanes offer a 95A Shore hardness, our T/R 95 tread achieves a higher tear resistance and greater strength for extended wear in difficult applications. While maintaining a higher hardness, T/R 95 has greater elasticity resulting in ergonomic benefits and longer use life than standard 95A poly. This formulation achieves good solvent and oil resistance but is not water-resistant. T/R 95 is not recommended for hot and humid environments. It can be used in wet and dry food contact. but requires changes to the standard catalyst and colorant. (Shore 95A Hardness)

T/R 85A Polyurethane Tread

Designed to roll easily and quietly. the T/R 85 tread is ideal for applications that require the industrial-strength, with a softer touch. This formulation is very resistant with high tear and debris resistance, and moderate solvent and oil resistance, but is not water-resistant. Not ideal for applications in hot and humid areas due to microbial attack. (Shore 85A Hardness)

Caster Wheel Flat Spotting

95A Standard Polyurethane Tread

Our general-purpose material is good for numerous mainstream applications. It is non-marking with high tear strength and resistance to flat spotting, as well as a good solvent and water resistance. (Shore 95A Hardness)

92A HPPT Polyurethane Tread

A high-performance polyurethane formulation that is ideal for dynamic applications. HPPT resists heat buildup and can carry higher weight capacities, making it ideal for AGVs, Tuggers, and other higher speed, higher weight applications. Has a higher resistance to tearing, permanent deformation and abrasions, than most tread materials. Resistant to many solvents, but has minimal water resistance. (Shore 92A Hardness)

85A ErgoTread Polyurethane

Our ergonomic polyurethane formulation returns energy resulting in reduced energy exerted. Ergo Tread helps reduce the risk of injuries due to overexertion and accumulated strain due to repetitive activities. The unique formulation achieves a high resistance to debris, reduces noise, and won’t damage most flooring. (Shore 85A Hardness)

70D Hard Polyurethane Tread

Hardest, toughest tread we offer, ideal for heavy loads, non-marking, and wear-resistant. This extra hard polyurethane has good water resistance but is not solvent resistant. It has excellent dynamic performance and very good physical properties. Wheels treaded in hard polyurethane can carry a heavier load than wheels of the same size treaded in standard polyurethane. The harder material makes an easier to roll but noiser wheel. (Shore 70D Hardness)