TWERGO® LITE - The New Standard In 2” Ergonomic Caster Wheels - Caster Concepts

TWERGO® LITE – The New Standard In 2” Ergonomic Caster Wheels

A single-wheel version of our standard TWERGO® Classic.

A compliment to our TWERGO® ergonomic caster wheel, TWERGO® Lite utilizes the same patented face design, but in a single-wheel version. TWERGO Lite is optimal for loads with a total weight of 2,800 lbs. or less and that do not require a lot of turning and maneuvering. TWERGO Lite makes it easier to push a cart, reducing the amount of energy exerted by the operator.

TWERGO Lite is also the new ergonomic standard to replace a typical 2″ wide caster. With TWERGO Lite, you have a durable cast iron core backed by the benefits of reduced initial and continuous push force. And all this at a competitive price!


TWERGO® Lite has a cast iron core, making it durable and strong enough to handle challenging environments. A tapered tread design helps to resist debris and push it away. When compared to a Balloon / Donut or Round Tread wheel, TWERGO Lite offers you a higher weight capacity and greater durability.


  • All the benefits of a traditional caster plus the ergonomic benefits of reduced initial and
    continuous push force
  • Durable and Strong with a Cast Iron Core
  • Maintenance Free, bearings never need greasing


TWERGO® Lite is a great replacement to the conventional cast-iron wheel, it offers the same cast iron core while adding ergonomic benefits, making it a great choice for indoor applications.

Custom CAD


Caster Concepts has a wide variety of caster options. Many of these not only improve function – but also provide safety and add longevity to the product. When considering safety options, the most common consideration would be caster locks, caster brakes, toe guards, and reinforced legs. Options that extend the life of a caster are primarily options that seal the bearing of the caster to prevent contamination of the precision parts.

Other options include threaded zerks for when an application is difficult and high level of maintenance is required and rack brush wipers that keep debris from stopping movement or damaging a wheel. These options can be added at the time of manufacturing or after the caster is fully assembled.