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Ground Support Industry

Ground Support Equipment Casters

The ground support equipment industry requires the “beyond standard” durability that Caster Concepts offers. Whether it’s casters on a luggage cart, low profile cargo handling cart, cargo dollie, or aircraft maintenance stand, these casters must withstand harsh elements, uneven surfaces, and the constant wear and tear they undergo daily.

Our ability to protect precious cargo with dependable and durable casters is something we have helped customers successfully accomplish for years. From aviation to the military, Aerol provides industry-leading motion solutions from the ground up.

Success Stories

Aluminum Caster Options

Aerol has a variety of casters designed to safely move heavy loads for the ground support industry. Our full line of aluminum casters offer some advantages over steel casters, including being corrosion resistant, spark resistant and lighter than steel. Outdoor applications can also benefit from our cushion tread and pneumatic wheels developed for military applications that mitigate shock by cushioning the load and easily roll over obstructions, uneven floor surfaces, and rough outdoor terrain.

Whatever your ground support transportation needs, you’ll find the answers you need by accessing our product portal below. You can also talk to a genuine Caster Concepts representative via Live Chat.  We are here to help you realize your ground support needs.