Quick Caster Turnaround Time Helped Save Thousands a Day in Lost Revenue


  • Special tooling required casters to finish rocket, construction was delayed
  • Every day the rocket wasn’t completed, more than $130K lost
  • The company was still waiting for casters from a supplier for several weeks

An aerospace launch company was building a rocket for a client. All systems were a go except for one: they needed a special tool to complete construction. This tool needed to be mobile and be able to move around the rocket. And to be mobile, it needed casters, which the company was still waiting on from a supplier: a wait of two months and counting.


  • Provides strength and smooth operation when swiveling in a loaded state
  • Ease of swiveling leads to long lifecycles
  • A Highly accepted industrial caster for rugged applications with minimal maintenance costs
  • Our Severe Duty 91 Series Casters were delivered to the client in less than 5 days


  • $130K a day
  • Fast turnaround helped complete the project 3 weeks ahead of schedule, saving $2 million

Tired of waiting weeks and weeks for the casters from a competitor, the aerospace company called Caster Concepts. The casters they needed were delivered within a week. This quick turnaround time helped save thousands a day in lost revenue by not being able to ship out a rocket. The fast turnaround also helped the company get the rocket completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule, for a total savings of more than $2 million.