Switching to Twergo® Saves Automotive Manufacturer Costly Caster Replacement


  • Hard plastic wheels needed to be replaced every 3 months
  • Wheels were wearing quickly due to debris pickup
  • Replacement costs adding up to $90,000 per year

A top-three automotive manufacturer was having issues with the hard-plastic wheels used on their material handling carts. The wheels would constantly pick up floor debris and would wear quickly.


  • Wheels rotate independently and in any direction with a minimum of rolling resistance
  • Tapered tread dispels debris and minimizes wear, reducing the risk of damage to tread and overexertion injuries.
  • The company switched to Maintenance-free Twergo 6×3” (to accommodate a swivel box) and 8×3” ergonomic wheels. Twergo wheels feature a twin wheel design that spins independently, minimizing friction when turning. The parabolic wheel face ensures less force to move carts and less pickup of floor debris

Return On Investment

  • Caster cost $70 x 4 for a cart = $280 per cart
    • 20 carts at $280 = $5,600
    • Replacement every 3 months= $5,600 x 4= $22,400
    • Return on investment for new casters: less than 3 months
  • By switching to Twergo® wheels, the company was able to expand the casters’ life span to over a year (and they are still going strong). The total cost of the new Twergo Casters was recouped in less than three months. These ergonomic wheels also make it easier to push a cart, with the additional benefits of reducing operator injury.