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Conveyor Belt Problems and Solutions

Common conveyor belt problems can cause issues ranging from lost production to damaged products and injured employees.

Caster Concepts helps customers overcome these application challenges with conveyor wheels designed to lower rolling resistance, handle heavy loads and provide reliable and safe operation over time.

Minimizing Tracking and Load Problems

Tracking issues are a common problem in conveyor systems, and with conveyor wheels and rollers in continual contact with conveyor belts and other load surfaces, issues can arise. Caster Concepts’ conveyor wheels are designed to turn and roll with precision to track better as well as handle higher loads to prevent wheel failure.

Reducing Wear and Seized Rollers

Wheel wear from uneven loading or material buildup can cause undo friction in a conveyor wheel, quickly leading to damage. It may even cause a roller to seize, compounding the problem even more.

With years of experience dealing with conveyor applications, our sales reps can help diagnose the problems that lead to caster failure. Our responsibility is to fix the problem and provide a permanent solution, not simply provide a replacement part with the possibility of the caster failing again.

Our conveyor casters offer a lower coefficient of friction to help reduce the chance of deformation from heat buildup and are durable to handle the demands of constant use.

Keeping Systems Rolling

Caster Concepts fabricates conveyor parts for a wide variety of applications. We ensure every part we make is machined with extreme precision and tight tolerances. We have built replacement rollers, tracks, sprockets, bulk material conveyor parts and sub-assemblies for custom conveyors in the automotive, food processing, construction, and many other industries.

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