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Advanced Ground Systems Engineering was having an issue with the existing casters on jet engine dollies. They were using the same dolly for newer Next Generation Engines which are larger and heavier than previous jet engines. This increase in size and load was causing the competitor’s product to experience swivel bearing failure. Warranty claims were very expensive as the engine dollies were in service around the world. Replacement casters had to be flown to the site to get the equipment back into service. The failure was causing the AGSE customer to lose confidence in the product and cost a great deal of money.


AGSE found Caster Concepts while searching online for a solution to their problem and discovered that Caster Concepts had previous experience working with clients in the aerospace industry.

The Caster Concepts’ sales and engineering teams designed a 91 series kingpinless style, spring-loaded caster that would survive the increased impact loads on the caster due to the heavier loads.

Warranty claims have been eliminated and customer satisfaction has been restored. AGSE has begun to replace the existing casters on their dollies with the new, custom-designed casters.