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Your casters are vital components of your facility. After all, ensuring your casters are solid and up to the task of moving heavy loads can prevent injuries and catastrophic failures. If your company cannot afford the downtime associated with injuries or sudden caster failures, then it’s vitally important for you to inspect your heavy duty casters now and potentially save yourself some time in the future.

Be Proactive to Save Money

The saying that “time is money” is doubly true when it comes to business endeavors, so it is easy to understand exactly why you need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to things like inspections. After all, you probably inspect your machinery and equipment regularly to ensure that you can keep your company moving right along, but if you aren’t including your casters in these regular inspections, you’re doing yourself a terrible disservice. When you are proactive about caster inspections, you can avoid costly maintenance and repair that could take hours – if not days – to complete. In the end, this keeps your company up and running and helps you avoid downtime.

What to Inspect

Now that you’re aware of the importance of regular caster inspections, it’s important to understand what you need to look for when that time comes. There are several things to check during each inspection.

The best way to keep your business running smoothly involves properly inspecting and maintaining all of your equipment – including your caster wheels – regularly. These best practices can reduce costly downtime and prevent employee injury. For more information about maintenance, contact your caster manufacturer.