Premium Materials of Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty casters and wheels are designed to take abuse and keep on rolling. That’s why they are constructed with premium materials to handle these types of applications.

The wheel cores are either solid steel or grey iron.  High-grade urethanes are used for the tire material and are designed to withstand high loads and high speeds.

Heavy duty casters have a more extensive swivel section to increase load-bearing capacity. The swivel sections of heavy-duty casters can use one of three types of swivel bearings for robust and rugged applications.

These swivel sections are forged, and heat treated – not stamped.  In addition, high-strength ball bearings and high-grade, extra tacky greases are used.

Caster Concepts, we define heavy duty casters and wheels as five thousand pounds and above capacity per caster. These range from heavy-duty to super heavy duty (17,000 lbs. and up). The total weight you are moving determines what capacity caster you should use and if a heavy-duty caster is even required.

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