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Heavy Duty Industrial Casters 90-99 Series, 8,000 Lbs. To 50,000 Lbs

Our full line of 90 Series casters (90,91,95,97,99) offers reliable solutions to various challenges for heavier load applications. These heavy duty plate casters handle a range of 8,000 to 50,000 lbs. per caster and feature a swivel section for easier maneuverability. Depending on your load capacity and needs, you’re sure to find the right caster for your specific application. Here’s a quick overview:

90 Series Casters

90 Series Casters

90 Series Kingpin Caster. 8,000 lb. Capacity


The 90 Series features precision machined raceways hardened to eliminate surface brinelling when the caster is subjected to shock loads. The 90 Series Kingpin Caster is ideal for power-drawn equipment, aircraft ground support equipment, trash gondolas, material delivery trailers, and towed trailers. This caster provides high load capacity at a good value.

91 Series Caster

91 Series Caster

91 Series Kingpinless Caster.  20,000 lbs. Capacity

The 91 Series Caster has become a highly accepted heavy duty industrial casters while evolving into a valuable investment for rugged applications by minimizing maintenance costs. It is valued for its simplicity and toughness for industrial applications where shock loading is prevalent. The ease of swiveling with the 91 Series Caster leads to very long lifecycles and many years of low-cost operation.

This is a good industrial solution for power-drawn applications and automated guided vehicles, as well as a variety of fiberglass mold, engine and paint line dollies, material carts, aircraft maintenance stands, production line delivery trailers, and much more.

The swivel section construction puts the ball bearing in a sheer load, providing greater strength and smooth operation when swiveling in a loaded state.

A kingpinless caster is recommended for abusive applications because you are removing the failure point for the kingpin stretching. This is why you’ll find a lower series like the 91 Series (kingpinless) with more weight capacity than the standard 95 Series (kingpin).


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95 Series Caster

        95 Series Caster

95 Series Kingpin Caster. 17,000 capacity, and 25,000 lbs. capacity for heavy duty applications.

The 95 Series Caster can handle 17,000 lbs. and is ideal for applications with high load capacities and where the caster ensures constant use under load.

The integrally forged kingpin and slotted adjusting nut add strength and longevity to the life of the swivel section.

Rugged applications include die carts, towed trailers, automotive plant equipment, aircraft maintenance stands, production line delivery trailers, paving machinery, and boat dollies.


The 95 HD fits a gap between our 91 Series and our 99 Series with the ability to carry a load of 25,000 lb. With a high-capacity swivel section, the caster reduces force load, making it easier to move and maneuver.

97 Series Caster

     97 Series Caster

97 Series Kingpinless Casters.  10,000 lbs. capacity and 20,000 lbs. Capacity

The 97 Series features a maintenance-free swivel section with sealed precision ball bearings.  The swivel section’s high hardness and precision machining tolerances allow for an even distribution of load, which lowers swiveling forces and prolongs life in constant movement applications.

Our 97HD Caster was created when a customer needed a caster to overcome the force needed to swivel without requiring a bigger drive system. The 97HD is also designed to save battery life over time because of the reduced effort needed to start and turn. Its maintenance-free design also helps the caster last longer and perform to spec.

Our 97 Series casters easily maneuver around tight corners, reduce the drain on motor-powered platforms, and carry between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds per caster, respectively. They’re the newest muscle in motor-powered material handling.

99 Series Caster

99 Series Caster

99 Series Kingpin Caster.   35,000 lbs. capacity and 50,000 capacity

The 99 Series Extra Heavy Duty Caster is designed and built to carry the heaviest loads (50,000 lbs.) while delivering the longest cycle life and flawless performance. This massive swivel section’s yoke and top plates are manufactured by a drop-forged process from C-1045 steel.

Optimal for die handling, marine, and automotive applications, the 99 Series also meets aerospace and aircraft ground support equipment needs.

The 99 Series Caster is unsurpassed in the marketplace for quality and reliability. The dual raceway load design provides superior carrying capacity and assures smooth rotation of this massive caster even when heavily loaded.

Use our Find Your Caster tool to discover the best industrial casters for your unique needs.

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