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Caster wheels play important roles in many different industries. Automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries rely on casters to safely move loads from one location to the next. Because these facilities stay busy, and because there is far more to worry about than maintaining casters, many facility owners choose ERGOXCEL casters from Caster Concepts for their maintenance- and hassle-free design.

ERGOXCEL Casters Never Need Maintenance

Unlike many of today’s traditional casters that must be inspected and maintained regularly, ERGOXCEL casters are different. Thanks to sealed neoprene ball bearings, the casters never need to be greased or serviced. What’s more, the hardened raceways help to make sure the casters spin freely for years to come. Finally, the kingpinless design made with thickened forged steel ensures that loading shock and side force will not cause damage or undue wear. ERGOXCEL casters truly are maintenance-free, and they can vastly improve productivity in many industries.

Save Time & Money

Shutting down an assembly line to inspect and maintain casters can cost companies thousands of dollars. What’s more, hiring someone to perform these inspections and repairs adds to the bill, and it can become frustrating when production falls behind just to grease bearings and maintain casters. With ERGOXCEL, you can completely eliminate the hassle and cost associated with this sort of maintenance.

Ergonomic Design

Of course, your workers appreciate less hassle just as much as you do, and ERGOXCEL is a great choice in this regard, too. Thanks to their ergonomic design, these casters require less initial push force, even when the wheels are not properly aligned. They also require less force to turn or maneuver thanks to the unique tread. Less friction means less scrubbing and sliding around corners, and your employees will find it easier to move loads from one location to the next.

Made with Precision for Your Application

ERGOXCEL casters have several unique features that can benefit your company and your workers. These include:

ERGOXCEL casters are the perfect option for facilities interested in reducing the hassle that goes into caster repair and maintenance. Workers will also be satisfied with their user-friendliness, push force reductions, and smoother, more stable operation.