Maintenance Free Casters

Our line of maintenance-free casters are designed to reduce the force exerted to turn, or start rolling when all of the wheels are not parallel. They feature neoprene sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways, providing smooth swivel rotation with less effort.

With maintenance-free casters, sealed precision ball bearings are pumped with grease, and sealed on each side of the ball raceway. The seals lock in grease and prevent dirt or liquid from entering. This attribute extends the caster’s life in the toughest of industrial environments. These bearings are manufactured with a heat-treated ball race along with steel balls.

Maintenance-free casters do away with the need to grease fittings twice or more each year, but they do not completely negate the need for inspections and maintenance. Every caster in your facility should be inspected at least monthly to ensure safety and productivity, and any repairs or replacements should be made immediately to help prevent possible injuries or damage to the loads they support.


When casters are designed to be maintenance-free, they are also designed to last for many years without any changes in their ability to perform. This means that your casters should continue to operate like brand new for years to come, whether they are used every single day or only on occasion.

Maintenance-free casters are often designed to be incredibly ergonomic, as well. They minimize push force a great deal, which helps to reduce the risk of overexertion injuries.



Maintenance-free casters are found in applications where companies are looking for reducing exertion, maximizing safety and increasing performance.

Custom CAD


Caster Concepts has a wide variety of caster options. Many of these not only improve function – but also provide safety and add longevity to the product. When considering safety options, the most common consideration would be caster locks, caster brakes, toe guards, and reinforced legs. Options that extend the life of a caster are primarily options that seal the bearing of the caster to prevent contamination of the precision parts.

Other options include threaded zerks for when an application is difficult and high level of maintenance is required and rack brush wipers that keep debris from stopping movement or damaging a wheel. These options can be added at the time of manufacturing or after the caster is fully assembled.