How TWERGO Helped a Tire Manufacturer Cut Push Forces in Half. - Caster Concepts

Tire Manufacturer Was Spending Nearly $20,000 for Every Overexertion Injury.


A large tire manufacturer was having some severe ergonomic issues at one of their manufacturing plants. The push force on their carts was approaching 100 pounds, which was much higher than recommended. That was causing injuries to workers and costing the company around $20k for each overexertion injury. To make matters worse, the wheels on the carts had to be constantly replaced due to all the debris the wheels were picking up:  A costly issue in more ways than one.

The manufacturer has tried every manufacturer except Caster Concepts, and none performed the way they wanted. The manufacturer had given up on a realistic solution… Until Caster Concepts showed up.

Solution: 77 Series Dual Roll Ball Bearing with 3″ Twergo Wheels

After a long talk with the plant ergonomist, his extreme frustration with his current supplier’s quality was clearly evident. After running a series of ergonomic tests, Caster Concepts was able to cut the original push force number in half. This was the first plant project that Caster Concepts won from this tire manufacturer but far from the last. By solving their ergonomic issues at one plant, Caster Concepts is now receiving orders for casters at several other locations owned by the manufacturer.


  • Higher load capacity, up to 3,500 pounds per caster

  • Eliminates the risk of overexertion injuries

  • Reduced friction means smooth/easy caster rotation and a higher temperature rating