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Dual Flanged and U-Groove Wheels.

In industries where precision and smooth operation are paramount, our Dual Flanged or U-Groove Wheel offers a reliable solution for traversing along straight or curved tracks of round tubing or pipe. Engineered with attention to detail, these wheels are designed to optimize material handling processes, reduce ergonomic risks, and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Dual flanged or U-Groove wheels operate on a rail, locating fixtures in a precise position for indexing through a work cycle. Premium cast iron and steel are used for the wheel material, providing high strength and long wear.

To select the ideal wheel for your application, consider the following factors:

  1. Load Capacity: Determine the maximum load weight to be supported and choose wheels with a suitable load rating.
  2. Operating Environment: Consider the conditions in which the wheels will be used, such as temperature, moisture, and exposure to chemicals or abrasives.
  3. Track Configuration: Assess the shape and dimensions of the tubed track, including any curves or bends, to ensure proper wheel fitment.
  4. Frequency of Use: High-frequency operation may require wheels with more robust bearings and enhanced durability.

Various bore sizes are available and our wheels can be key-wayed if desired to meet the application.

Dual Flanged Wheel


Dual Flanged Wheels or U-Groove Wheels running on in-plant tracks give an “instant production line.” Loads are taken off the floor, permitting higher capacities, easier rolling, floor protection, and controlled flow all at the same time.

Their unique design ensures integration with tubing or tracks, minimizing the risk of derailment and enhancing operational safety. By reducing the potential for accidents and injuries, Dual Flanged and U-Grooved Wheels contribute to a safer work environment and lower operational costs. 

Standard flanged caster/groove wheels are cast iron except as noted and are furnished with plain bore, straight roller bearings, or precision tapered roller bearings. Heat treating is available for applications requiring better wear resistance or involving higher capacities.


Excellent for precise alignment of work, captive turntables or repetitive processes, including foundry cooling lines.

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