NyTec-MD - Caster Concepts

NyTec-MD is a nylon filled material which provides a high load capacity, floor protective wheel. Wheel capacities approach those of similar cast iron and steel wheels. NyTec-MD material is resistant to most harsh environments. The non-abrasive and vibration dampening material actually provides a quieter operation when compared to steel or cast iron wheels. When used in wet environments, plain bore NyTec-MD wheels can be used as the material is self lubricating. NyTec-MD wheels are offered with precision tapered, precision ball, and straight roller bearings. For special applications, contact the factory.


NyTec-HS is a heat stabilized material which is suited for higher loads, with thermal stability up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. This material is excellent in applications where continual use is necessary. Wheels manufactured in NyTec-HS material have been tested under load to 2 million revolutions and have shown little or no wear to the tread surface.


Caster Concepts’ NyTec-MD materials are widely used as idlers and support wheels in many large turn table applications. They provide a high load capacity while also offering a material that will provide reduced noise when compared to steel.

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