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NyTec-MD is a nylon-filled material that results in a high-load capacity floor protective wheel. Wheel capacities approach those of similar cast iron and steel wheels. NyTec-MD material is resistant to most harsh environments.

The non-abrasive and vibration-dampening material actually provides a quieter operation when compared to steel or cast iron. When used in wet environments, plain bore NyTec-MD wheels can be used as the material is self lubricating.


NyTech wheels are a type of caster wheel made from a specialty wheel material that combines nylon and thermoplastic compounds. The material is resistant to most harsh environments. 

NyTec-MD wheels are offered with precision tapered, precision ball, and straight roller bearings. For special applications, contact the factory.


Caster Concepts’ NyTec-MD materials are widely used as idlers and support wheels in many large turn table applications. They provide a high load capacity while also offering a material that will provide reduced noise when compared to steel.

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