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Quiet and Noise Reducing Casters

At Caster Concepts, we understand the importance of minimizing noise levels in various industrial and commercial settings. That’s why we offer a variety of quiet casters designed to reduce noise and vibration during material handling operations. These caster wheels ensure that you’ll find the ideal solution for your specific needs, whether you’re operating in noise-sensitive environments or simply seeking to minimize disturbances.

Caster Concepts offers various options, each tailored to meet our customers’ diverse requirements. Additionally, we offer quiet, noise-reducing casters in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and load capacities, ensuring that you can choose the perfect option.

 These casters often feature specialized wheels or bearings that reduce the sound generated by rolling, vibrating, or swiveling movements. A good example of this is our CasterShoX®  system, which can reduce shock loads by 80% and is proven to reduce decibel levels by 15 dB.

Another consideration is a pneumatic caster. These wheels are known for their quiet operation and ability to improve working conditions in loud environments. Our polyurethane formulations, like our T/R 85A Poly Tread, are designed to roll easily and quietly and are ideal for applications that require industrial strength with a softer touch.

Quiet casters offer several advantages, including reduced noise levels, improved employee comfort, and compliance with noise regulations in certain environments, like decibel levels at the plant. Our knowledgeable team at Caster Concepts can guide you through the process of choosing the right quiet casters for your specific needs.


Noise-reducing casters are designed to minimize noise and vibration during movement, making them an excellent choice for various applications where noise reduction is a priority. A highlight of this is CasterShoX® casters that utilize patented technology that combines the very best attributes of spring technology and polymer dampening technology that is unsurpassed in dampening the noise of a manufacturing environment while reducing shock load.


Noise-reducing casters are particularly well-suited for applications in certain types of manufacturing and other noise-sensitive areas.

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Caster Concepts has a wide variety of caster options. Many of these not only improve function – but also provide safety and add longevity to the product. When considering safety options, the most common consideration would be caster locks, caster brakes, toe guards, and reinforced legs. Options that extend the life of a caster are primarily options that seal the bearing of the caster to prevent contamination of the precision parts.

Other options include threaded zerks for when an application is difficult and high level of maintenance is required and track brush wipers that keep debris from stopping movement or damaging a wheel. These options can be added at the time of manufacturing or after the caster is fully assembled.