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Spring Loaded Casters

Spring-loaded, caster wheels are designed to absorb shocks and minimize the impact on the cart, resulting in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage, and less noise. Heavy-duty spring-loaded casters are ideal for applications where surfaces are not even, or flooring has damage or debris. They are also great for applications where the load may be fragile or highly reactive to vibration, such as small parts or glass. When searching for spring-loaded caster wheels, it’s crucial to consider factors like load capacity, wheel diameter, and material composition.

About Shock Absorbing Casters

To achieve optimal shock absorption benefits, the spring-loaded caster wheels must have the right springs to achieve optimal spring deflection. There is a science to determining proper deflection; the wrong shock-absorbing casters can do more harm than good. If the spring constant is too high, it could be the same as not having a spring. If the spring constant is too low, it could extend the impact of the shock and continue to vibrate excessively.  Rest assured, our engineers are experts in determining the right spring and caster combination for each application.

Our swivel or rigid spring-loaded casters are designed to meet your specific needs. They provide excellent maneuverability and durability while enhancing the efficiency of your operations and reducing maintenance costs. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect caster wheel solution for your unique requirements.

spring loaded caster wheels


Heavy-duty, spring-loaded shock-absorbing casters are designed to diminish noise, safeguard cargo, and prolong the lifespan of casters, wheels, and bearings by mitigating shock and vibration. This is achieved through high-strength chrome vanadium springs that provide longer life through constant flexing and compressing. The spring compression starts with as little as 25 pounds loading per caster, resulting in cushioned loads and quiet empty returns. The long swivel lead reduces excessive shimmy and vibration while towing.

If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team at Caster Concepts can guide you through the process of choosing the right shock-absorbing casters for your specific needs.


Shock absorbing casters are ideal for jet engine dollies, aircraft jacks, in-plant trailers, trash gondolas, lift truck stabilizer casters, revolving signs and parade floats. They are an ideal choice for transporting sensitive materials or valuable items across even the most challenging surfaces and terrains, ensuring protection and safety.

Custom CAD


Caster Concepts has a wide variety of caster options. Many of these not only improve function – but also provide safety and add longevity to the product. When considering safety options, the most common consideration would be caster locks, caster brakes, toe guards, and reinforced legs. Options that extend the life of a caster are primarily options that seal the bearing of the caster to prevent contamination of the precision parts.

Other options include threaded zerks for when an application is difficult and high level of maintenance is required and track brush wipers that keep debris from stopping movement or damaging a wheel. These options can be added at the time of manufacturing or after the caster is fully assembled.