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What are Industrial Casters and Wheels?

Industrial Wheels

When searching for “Industrial casters and wheels,” people sometimes land on “institutional casters and wheels.” These two caster types are definitely not the same.

Where Institutional Casters and Wheels are designed for applications under 250 lbs., Industrial Caster Wheels can handle tons. These heavy-duty caster wheels meet high load applications and are very customizable. These are the types of wheels that Caster Concepts specializes in.

Precision and Performance: Industrial Caster Wheel Construction

Every industrial caster and wheel features precision machined raceway swivel sections. These heavy-duty sections are manufactured to a predetermined hardness for a prolonged lifecycle. They are usually grouped into separate categories based on their weight capacity.

Catagory Capacity
Medium-Duty Casters 250 to 1500 lbs.
Heavy-Duty Casters 450 to 5000 lbs.
Extra Heavy-Duty Casters 1600 to 20,000 lbs.
Super Heavy-Duty Casters 50,000 lbs.

 Designed for material handling operations, Industrial Cart Wheels incorporate heavy-duty construction. This is prominent in all aspects of the wheel. The Swivel section consists of high-quality material and is heat treatable to 38-42 Rc. The legs are precision laser cut and formed to strengthen the caster. This design adds additional safety factors while alleviating failure points and minimizing welding.

 Grey iron is used for the wheel core of a polyurethane tire. Additionally, the wheel may be forged steel, nylon, or composite resin. The entire caster is assembled with high-quality bearings to meet the stated load application and provides a prolonged life cycle. 

Institutional Wheels for Light-Duty Applications

These lightweight wheels are made of either injection-molded plastic or urethane. They can also be two-component wheels with a plastic core and the TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tire. They are cold-stamped metal with formed and welded legs on the outside surface only. In addition, they are manufactured in higher volumes and therefore not customizable. Nor are they suitable for any type of demanding application.

Heavy Duty CastersIndustrial caster wheel design and manufacturing lends itself to extensive customization to meet all customers’ needs and specifications. Fortunately, our CAD  Configurator. You can configure and order the exact caster or wheel you need. If you would like to get more information on the proper caster for your specific application, chat with a Caster Concepts Representative or call 888.772.6790.

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