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Caster Concepts is a leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial casters, plate casters, custom caster solutions, heavy-duty industrial wheels, and custom wheel solutions. With a long history of quality products and outstanding service, our heavy-duty casters provide strength and stability in the most demanding applications conceivable. The Caster Concepts standard product line includes medium-duty (< 900 lbs), medium heavy-duty (900-1500 lbs ), heavy-duty (1500-4500 lbs ), extra heavy-duty (5,000-20,000 lbs), and super heavy-duty (> 20,000 lbs). Starting with the correct caster series is a key first step to assuring a caster that will not only safely carry the designated load while providing value over a significant lifetime.

Caster Wheels

Once you have located a series swivel section that will fit your application, the next step is to decide on the wheel that will provide the service level needed. As you look at wheels that may fit your application the first consideration is the wheel must carry the load that the plate caster is designed to carry. Next, the wheel must be able to function in the environment that will be prevalent in the application and lastly, the bearing in the wheel must also carry the designed load and function efficiently in the working environment. Factors that must be considered when selecting a wheel:

  • Is the application a manual or power-driven application?
  • What is the speed of the application?
  • What are the floor conditions or track conditions/do you want to protect the floor or track?
  • What are the temperature ranges within the application?
  • Is there any presence of any chemicals or solvents?
  • Are ergonomics a consideration in the application?

Caster Bearings

When considering bearing you will want to consider:

  • Is the application a manual or powered application?
  • Is “shock loading” apt to be present in the application?
  • Are ergonomics a consideration in the application?

Caster Options

Next, you will want to consider options that may be needed in the application of the caster. Options may be for the purpose of operational efficiency or they may be in consideration of safety issues. Given a thoughtful approach to available options will be a key to getting a caster that will fit all your needs. Surface finish is also a consideration. The most common standard finish is a type of plating, either clear zinc or gold dichromate. Caster Concepts also offers a wet paint finish or a powder-coated finish for an outstanding appearance. Protect your investment with the correct finish.

Caster Applications

When your application is unique and your needs must be met there are always custom alternatives at Caster Concepts. We are able to meet not only your “wants” but also your “needs” when it comes to heavy-duty industrial casters. If you cannot find EXACTLY what you want, you have the following options:

  • Contact our technical sales staff at for assistance in meeting your needs
  • Click on the Online Chat function for immediate assistance from the technical sales staff
  • Click on the Custom Caster Configurator and design the caster you need right from your desk. Submit your design for review and the technical staff will contact you to review your design.

We are determined to make sure your investment provides a long-term ROI for you and whatever your caster needs may be. For further information or a quote please contact us at or call 517-629-8838.

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