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How Can I Determine Which Caster Wheel Type is Best?

Beginners Guide to Heavy Duty Caster Wheel Types

At Caster Concepts, we take pride in our diverse selection of wheel types. Here is a beginners guide to caster wheel types. There is a wheel here for almost any purpose.

Heavy Duty Forged Steel Casters

Forged Steel

Fine grain forged steel wheels are precision machined to offer the greatest load capacity, impact strength and rollability. Precision tapered bearings compliment the characteristics of these wheels.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Casters

Cast Iron

Precision machined cast iron wheels feature premium Class 30 gray iron with a heavy duty cross sections. These wheels are excellent for high heat applications.

Heavy Duty Ductile Caster Wheels

Ductile Iron

Ductile iron wheels feature many of the same characteristics of cast iron; however, the ductile iron wheel has higher tensile and yield strengths. Resists breaking or chipping.

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Caster Wheels


Polyurethane wheels feature a higher capacity material than rubber, provide longer wear, and will not damage your floors like cast iron or steel. A wide variety of liquid cast polyurethane wheels are offered.

Heavy Duty Mold on Rubber Caster Wheels

Mold On Rubber

Rubber offers a cost effective alternative to polyurethane while providing a cushioned and quiet ride for the product being transported. Neoprene and high load compounds are also available.

Heavy Duty NyTec-MD Caster Wheels


NyTec wheels provide a tough material which can handle up to 80% the weight of steel or cast iron. NyTec has excellent load carrying capacities and resists corrosion. NyTec provides a long wearing material and is especially suitable when maintenance is an issue.

Heavy Duty Phenolic Resin Caster Wheels

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin wheels offer a load carrying capacity approaching that of cast iron or steel wheels. Phenolic resin wheels are a cost effective alternative with increased rollability and will not damage floors.

Heavy Duty V-Groove Caster Wheels


“V” grooves are machined from either cast iron or hot forged steel wheels. V-grooves work on track or off track and are essential where precise alignment or indexing of equipment is necessary.

Heavy Duty Flanged Caster Wheels


Single and dual-flanged wheels operate on a rail for locating fixtures in a precise position for indexing through a work cycle. Premium cast iron and steel is used for the wheel material to provide high strength and long wear.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Caster Wheels


Pneumatic wheels offer the highest cushioning, shock absorbing caster/wheel, without moving to a more expensive spring loaded caster. Capacities of pneumatics are limited due to the soft cushioning characteristics of the wheel.

Heavy Duty Drive/Keyway Caster Wheels


Drive/Keyway wheels are offered from 3” to 18” diameter. Bore sizes from 1/2” to 2-7/16”. Drive surfaces of poly, rubber, or steel. Excellent for power transmission applications.



Wheel Type Tread Material Durometer Scale
30, 32, & 35 Phenolics 145-150 R
60, 65, & 68 Polyurethane 90-100 A
61, 66, & 69 Soft Polyurethane 80-90 A
63 & 67 Hard Polyurethane 70 D
70 Rubber 65-75 A
71 Aluminum Core/Rubber 70-80 A
72 Softech 70 A
73 Neoprene 65-75 A
76 Pneumatic 55-60 A
80 & 85 70 A Polyurethane 70 A
90, 95, & 98 HPPT Polyurethane 92 A
91 & 96 95 A T/R Polyurethane 95 A
Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

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