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Case Studies

Drive Caster® Makes Testing Easier

The Drive Caster® makes testing easier by enabling quick and easy movement within a testing machine. Customer: Manufacturer of Testing Systems for Oil Refineries Situation: The customer designed a testing machine for testing valves on oil pipelines, used in oil refineries. The test machine has large steel plates that are 4ft around in diameter and weight about 3,000lbs, the plates move back and forth on a track, to seal the ends of pipes and valves for testing. There is a total of 9 1/2 ft maximum distance between the plates, to allow for testing of various length pipes and valves. [...]

TWERGO® Lite 2 Finger Push Force

TWERGO® Lite reduces push force so much, that the cart can be pushed with just two fingers! Customer: The largest yarn distributor in North America Situation: Carts with an 800lb load were difficult to move, especially for female operators. The owner of the company decided to try 3 different "ergonomic" casters from 3 different manufacturers, all 3 caster models were very close in price. Solution: The distributor decided to conduct a study to find which ergonomic caster wheels would help better maneuver the carts the distribution center operators were having trouble moving. The distributor bought a set of our TWERGO® [...]

SoS Dual Swivel Section Caster Saves Backs and Bucks

  Dual Swivel Section Caster, SoS 112 Series   Customer: Manufacturer of Overhead Track Systems   Application: Steel Blanks Cart   Problem: Steel blank carts were often left in a position where the swivel casters were not parallel with the rigid casters, making it even harder to start rolling. Operators had to “double up” to get the carts to start rolling. Operators were constantly complaining., the company was considering motor powered solutions because of the great frustration expressed by operators.   Solution: Although skeptical, the company tested a set of 4 SoS Series 112, Dual Swivel Section Casters with 10” [...]

TWERGO® Consistently Performs

  Customer: Autrans Corp., An Automotive Supplier   Application: Material Handling Carts   Problem: Autrans has several material handling carts that carry a "fair bit of weight", over time it seems that the push force was increasing as wheels were aging. Autrans has experienced increases in as short as a few months of use.   Solution: Autrans decided to test one set of TWERGO® wheels on one cart for a period of 4 months.  TWERGO® not only reduced push force significantly, it continued to do so over time. Autrans constantly measured the amount of initial push force required and were [...]

Conversion Drive Caster®

Customer: Large Boat Manufacturer Application: 30 ft Carts used to carry boat cabin through production process Problem: The load on these carts could get as high as 8,500lbs and a part of the production process required a complete 180 degree "U-Turn" in a tight space. Maneuvering was very difficult and  required multiple employees. There was a high risk of injury due to overexertion, and a process that was extremely inefficient. Solution: Our engineers surveyed the facility and identified the best resolution to be the implementation of two Conversion Drive Casters® in order to allow for a high level of steering control [...]

TWERGO® Saves Millions

Customer:  American Auto Manufacturer, Stamping Plant   Application: Rack Carrying Stamped Pieces   Situation: A Stamping Plant uses wheeled racks to transport stamped pieces throughout the plant. While the carts were designed to carry 2,000lbs, they were only being loaded with 1,600lb loads, because of Initial Push Force issues. As per union guidelines, the push force cannot exceed 44lbs, however a rack fully loaded at 2,000lbs, was averaging 51lbs of initial push force. To alleviate the issue, cart loads were reduced to 1,600lbs, in other words, PRODUCTIVITY WAS REDUCED BY 20%, which was costing the plants millions of dollars annually. [...]

Shock Absorbing TWERGO®

End User : Largest Airplane Manufacturer in the U.S. Application : Fuselage Assembly Platform Situation : The end user is automating its manufacturing process, which includes converting from Tuggers to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), for the movement of work platforms. The weight of each platform is 48,000lbs, and the existing wheels require a push force of about 15% of total weight. The required push force has a significant impact the performance of the AGV, including speed and battery life.  The challenge is to reduce push force and provide the best possible caster for fully automated motion. Solution : Caster Concepts [...]

Triple Swivel on Swivel Caster

  Customer: Engineering Services Firm   Application:  Crane Cart   Situation: How do you change huge solar panel tiles on the roof of a sky scraper?         A solar panel is located on the roof top of skyscraper, set at 30* angle facing the sun. The tiles on the panel weigh over a hundred pounds and can measure as long as 8 feet, making it very difficult to replace broken and delaminated panels. Our client designed a rig with a hoist, essentially a crane on a cart, to roll down on the solar panel and replace tiles. [...]

Conveyor Subassemblies

Customer: Conveyor Manufacturer Application: Conveyor System Problem: The manufacturer needed a domestic supplier to provide complete subassemblies. The customer was previously purchasing the product overseas and it was both expensive and time consuming for the product to be flown from Europe. Solution: Caster Concepts was able to design, manufacture, and deliver these products in less than 3 weeks. This saved the manufacturer time and money. [...]

ErgoMaxx 57 Series

Customer: Automotive Manufacturer Application: Industrial Carts in a forklift free environment Problem: The company was moving toward a forklift free environment and needed a product that was durable, east to roll, and quiet. Solution: After rigorous testing done by the company it was determined that the Caster Concepts ErgoMaxx casters required 25% less force to move loaded carts as well as reduce noise and was the best ergonomic choice. The company has standardized the use of this caster within their facility and continues to work closely with the team at Caster Concepts. [...]

CasterShoX® The Quiet Caster

The Quiet Caster Situation: Large foreign auto manufacturer uses dollies to transport parts in an assembly plant. The dollies are pulled by a Tugger, in a five dolly train. Currently the carts are creating 95db(A) of noise, which is 10db(A) greater than OSHA recommendations of 85db(A) for 8 hours of continuous exposure. OSHA regulation 1910.95 "Occupational Noise Exposure" limits operator exposure to 4 hours at 95db(A). The auto manufacturer first tried traditional metal coil spring loaded casters as suggested by a different caster supplier, which reduced cart noise to 86.7db(A). Not achieving the goal of 85db(A) per OSHA guidelines. Challenge: [...]

TWERGO® Achieves 43% Reduction

Situation: An assembly plant belonging to the largest automaker in the United States is having issues with push force on several different carts, each with about a 10,000lb load. Initial push force was an average of about 70lbs of pressure exerted  per cart, far greater than OSHA recommendations for push pull force. Carts often required two operators to start rolling, which resulted in reduced productivity and increased cost. To make matters worse, there is significant amounts of debris on the floor that is accumulating on the current caster wheels, and increasing the amount of force exerted to start and keep [...]