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When moving heavy carts filled with construction parts and equipment, workers can exert a significant amount of force to get them moving. This effort can lead to fatigue, strain, and even injury over time, which then leads to workers’ compensation and lost production time.

A major construction company faced such a challenge. The workers reported needing over 80 pounds of push/pull force to move the carts, which was not only strenuous but also a potential hazard. The company turned to Caster Concepts for a smart solution.

Caster Concepts sent its in-field specialists to talk with the construction company’s safety team to understand the situation better. Once Caster Concepts understood the application’s unique challenges, it was time for CCI’s engineers to determine the best course of action.

57 Series with Twergo Caster Wheel

57 Series with Twergo Caster Wheel

After careful consideration, the ergonomic caster chosen was the 57 series, which features the patented TWERGO® wheel. The Twergo wheel has a two-in-one design that allows maximum maneuverability and easy-to-start functionality.

The wheel’s rounded design minimizes contact with the floor. Additionally, the efficient swivel section allows the caster to easily swivel in alternate directions, further reducing the force needed to move the carts.


Better Casters Mean Satisfied Customers.

The construction company was pleased with the recommendation and quickly implemented the solution. The new casters were installed on the carts, and the workers immediately noticed a difference. The push/pull forces required to move the carts were reduced by over 50%, a significant reduction. This made the job much easier and safer for the workers and increased their productivity.

Using ergonomic casters with the Twergo wheel is just one example of how Caster Concepts can help businesses improve their material handling processes. By understanding the specific needs and challenges of each facility, Caster Concepts provides customized solutions that address the root causes of the problems.

A Wide Range of Casters and Wheel Options.

In addition to the 57 Series with the Twergo wheel, Caster Concepts offers a wide range of other caster and wheel options to suit different applications. These include heavy-duty casters that can handle weights of more than 50,000 pounds and casters with shock-absorbing features ideal for transporting delicate items. Being vertically integrated allows levels of customization that are second to none in the industry.

In conclusion, using ergonomic casters with the TWERGO wheel is a great solution for businesses that need to move heavy loads with minimal effort. Caster Concepts is a trusted partner in providing customized material handling solutions that improve workers’ safety and productivity. If you are dealing with similar issues, don’t hesitate to hop on a live chat or call us (888-793-8453) today!