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Ford engineers encountered cart mobility challenges that concerned upper management. Three carts within a new engine cell were hard to maneuver and move. These challenges were affecting productivity, a situation that concerned upper management. Recognizing the need for a solution, Ford’s engineer contacted Caster Concepts for assistance. The goal was to enhance the ease of moving the carts within the cell, ensuring that this critical area of operations met the expectations of upper management.


In response to Ford’s request, Caster Concepts dispatched a knowledgeable sales representative to Ford’s plant. This model began a comprehensive review of the existing caster setup and the application’s impressive specifications. A deep dive into the problem started with taking precise dimensions to assess the suitability of potential solutions. Recommendations were quickly formulated and implemented to improve the carts’ maneuverability movement.

The primary recommendation made by Caster Concepts was to replace the existing casters on the carts with Twergo® ergonomic wheels. The caster sizes were carefully matched to the customer’s top plate specifications, ensuring a seamless transition. This approach eliminated the need for any modifications to the existing carts. In addition, the maintenance-free Twergo wheels provided long-term durability and reliability.


To validate their effectiveness, the customer decided to trial a set of four Twergo casters on their carts. This trial spanned approximately six weeks. The result of putting this new caster setup to the test was highly successful. These included notable improvements in cart maneuverability and ease of movement within the engine cell.

Satisfied with the trial outcomes, the customer invested in the solution on a larger scale. This involved purchasing and installing an additional 190 swivel and rigid casters on the remaining carts in the problematic area. This substantial order demonstrated the customer’s confidence in the solution provided by Caster Concepts and its commitment to addressing the mobility challenges faced within the engine cell.

In conclusion, this case study highlights how Caster Concepts’ expertise in caster solutions addressed a critical issue for Ford and improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in a high-stakes environment. The successful implementation of the solution underscores the importance of choosing exemplary caster configurations to meet specific application needs, ultimately resulting in enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.

Try TWERGO® industrial caster wheels on a cart in your facility and see the difference.

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