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Monthly Replacement of Casters Was Causing Expenses to Mount Up


A tractor assembly plant was using an inexpensive import rig with a phenolic wheel at a cost of $30 a caster. These rigs didn’t stand up to heavy use and required monthly replacement of many of the casters. Not only that, but the phenolic wheels’ vulnerabilities were also showing. As a result, the wheels made the carts harder to push and exposed operators to injury. Costs were adding up, and productivity was slowing down. 


ERGOXCEL™ ergonomic, maintenance-free casters replaced the inexpensive import casters on all carts. These forged steel casters can withstand shock loading and side forces, and the parabolic wheels make it easier to push carts to reduce overexertion injuries.

ERGOXCEL casters are engineered with precision and innovation to address the shortcomings of traditional alternatives. These casters ensure smooth mobility and provide superior ergonomic support, reducing the physical strain on users during transportation.

One of the standout features of ERGOXCEL is its maintenance-free design, which eliminates the need for constant upkeep and replacement. This translates to substantial cost savings and minimizes downtime associated with maintenance tasks.

The casters have been operating for two years without the need for replacement. The result? In only four months, tractor assembly plant recouped its investment in the new ERGOXCEL casters. The company now saves $230,000 annually in maintenance costs while realizing increased productivity.

About ERGOXCEL Casters

ERGOXCEL casters reflect our commitment to quality and user satisfaction. The improved performance of our carts contributes to a more streamlined and productive workflow. Whether in industrial settings, healthcare facilities, or any environment requiring efficient material handling, ERGOXCEL casters have become the preferred choice for those seeking a reliable, long-lasting solution. 

Save More and Replace Less