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A tractor manufacturer needed a new caster solution for its manufacturing platforms. Due to a change in their manufacturing process, the tractors no longer had their tires installed at the factory. This meant installing the wheels at a different location, requiring towing the platforms at speeds of 5 mph.

This change in the manufacturing process required the consideration of some additional factors. These included:


The manufacturer partnered with an automotive solutions provider to develop an efficient solution. The solutions provider immediately contacted Caster Concepts, a caster manufacturer known for its heavy-duty casters and experience in material handling solutions.

Through seamless collaboration, Caster Concepts developed four heavy-duty casters built to strict specifications to move the tractor manufacturing platform. Each caster boasted a 12,500 lb. weight capacity, exceeding the tractors’ required load.

The chosen solution was the Dual 91 Series casters, known for their durability and ability to handle demanding applications. Another benefit of the 91 series is how they are designed. The construction of the swivel section puts the ball bearing in a sheer load that provides excellent strength. This allows the casters to operate smoothly when swiveling a loaded platform.


The implementation of the Dual 91 Series casters proved highly successful. The 91 Series casters effectively towed the platforms at the required speed, efficiently handling the weight without failure. Due to their sturdy design and construction, the casters also protected the high-value cargo while minimizing downtime.

This case study demonstrates how teamwork and collaboration with Caster Concepts successfully addressed a production challenge. For more information on material handling solutions that Caster Concepts can provide your business, contact us or call 888-972-9861.