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Case Study: Foundry Improves Efficiency with Robust Casters

Takeaway: Focusing on long-term value over upfront cost significantly improved operational efficiency and saved money within a year.


A leading supplier of prototype and short-run production castings
faced a recurring problem with the casters on their carts being moved by a skid steer loader. Due to the harsh, sandy, and dusty environment, sand was getting into the bearings which was making the casters harder to turn. In addition, the constant abuse the casters were experiencing when the skid steerer would move the carts around was causing the current casters to fail every 2-3 months.



81 Series CasterSolutions specialist Kurtis Myers visited the foundry and analyzed their facility and operation. He recommended switching to a caster designed for difficult industrial applications where shock loading is common: Caster Concepts’ 81 series kingpinless casters.

These casters offered several advantages:



This case highlights the importance of considering the total cost of ownership when purchasing a product. It also demonstrates the advantages of utilizing Caster Concepts’ experienced in-field specialists who can analyze a customer’s needs and provide the best solution. This helped the company achieve significant cost savings through reduced downtime and replacement costs.

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