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Effort, Efficiency, and Expertise Take Flight to Accommodate Connecticut State Police Helicopter Dolly.

“The guys flew the helicopter the other day and put it back on the dolly. They said it had never rolled so smoothly. Mission Accomplished.”

— Adam Mcomber, Connecticut State Police

Key Takeaways:

Situation: The Connecticut State Police relied on a trusty but aging helicopter dolly built in the 1950s.
Daily use and worn-out wheels made maneuvering the helicopter cumbersome and potentially unsafe. Finding replacement wheels seemed impossible due to the dolly’s unique, non-standard caster rig.

The police department contacted Caster Concepts, known for its expertise in custom solutions. Unlike other manufacturers unwilling to tackle the challenge, Caster Concepts took the time to understand the situation. Through detailed measurements and analysis, they discovered that a standard wheel wouldn’t fit the 1950s rig.


Caster Concepts recognized that a “special” 2.5-inch wheel that had been designed and manufactured for a previous customer was the perfect fit. Beyond the wheel itself, Caster Concepts solutions expert Morgan Greeman meticulously sourced bushings, bearings, and axles based on the provided measurements. This extra effort ensured seamless integration with the existing caster rig.


“Mission Accomplished!” After the custom wheels were installed, the State Police reported the smoothest rolling experience ever with their helicopter dolly. The customized solution addressed the specific needs of the outdated equipment, ensuring continued safe and efficient operation.

This case study exemplifies Caster Concepts’ ability to go beyond off-the-shelf solutions. A dedication to customization and expert analysis ensured the Connecticut State Police’s helicopter continued to take flight smoothly and safely.


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