There are heavy-duty applications, and then there are ultra-heavy-duty applications. If you need casters that can support up to 35,000 pounds each, then the Mammoth Extreme Casters exclusively from Caster Concepts are by far the best choice. They were specially designed with the largest loads in mind, and they will keep your workforce safe and productive.

Challenges Solved by Mammoth Extreme

No matter the industry and no matter the conditions, Mammoth Extreme casters make things simpler. They offer all the following benefits.

    • Durability, even in extreme environments. Mammoth Extreme casters are resistant to a bevy of extreme environmental conditions, including things like heat, freezing cold, water, and even chemicals or solvents, which would typically destroy common casters.
    • Powered movement assistance. Mammoth Extreme casters come in drive options, too, which means a single person could move loads well over a quarter million pounds with safety and ease. That’s a huge boost in productivity.
  • Dual-wheel options. With dual-wheel casters, it’s possible to use multiple smaller casters and keep the heavy loads closer to the ground with plenty of support. This further reduces risk and ensures a good fit for every industry.
  • Custom swivels. Every application is different, and when it comes to extreme loads, proper swivel is vital for safety. We have developed unique swivels for individual industries and facilities to serve these needs.
  • Twergo Xtreme Casters with BrakeSix-tire options. Sometimes, depending on the style of the cart or rack, more support is vital. That’s why Mammoth Extreme casters are available in six-tire options to support the weight of the load evenly across the cart or rack.
  • Shock absorption. Heavy loads that are also quite fragile pose problems during movement, especially if they encounter obstacles such as imperfections in the floor. Shock-absorbing Mammoth Extreme casters can solve this issue by minimizing shock and vibration, allowing for smooth movement across almost any surface.

How to Get Your Own Mammoth Extreme Casters

If your industry calls for casters that can support tens of thousands of pounds each, look no further than our line of Mammoth Extreme custom casters. There are several premade sizes and styles from which to choose, but if none of these suit your company’s individual needs, we can help you design and implement the perfect casters for your application. They employ engineers and professionals who can analyze your workspace and your needs, then suggest products and modifications that will improve safety and productivity.

Improving Safety and Productivity One Caster at a Time

The heaviest of loads produce some unique challenges in terms of productivity and safety. However, with Mammoth Extreme custom casters, it’s possible to mitigate the risks and keep productivity up. For example, drive-powered casters make it easier to move loads without the need to exert a ton of force. What’s more, they allow a single employee to move a load, freeing up the others to tend to more important tasks, thereby improving workplace efficiency.

Mammoth Extreme casters can resist environmental challenges, even as they carry the heaviest imaginable loads. Visit us today to learn more about how these unique casters could benefit your employees and your company by reducing risk and improving revenue.