The automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world today. Everyone needs a car, truck, or SUV, and for this reason, there are manufacturing facilities within a 100-mile radius of nearly every city in the country. To make things safer and more efficient, the automotive industry relies on high-quality heavy-duty casters. Here are some of the ways in which the right casters can improve automotive manufacturing facilities.

Less Force, Less Noise, and Less Risk

Heavy loads are commonplace in automotive manufacturing facilities, so it comes as no real surprise that it takes a lot of force to start them moving. Traditional caster wheels can cause injuries in this case; reducing the force needed to start a load with low-friction heavy-duty casters improves safety and productivity. What’s more, casters designed to reduce noise and absorb shock as they roll across the floor, complete with imperfections, helps facilities meet OSHA regulations and ensures that the loads themselves are protected.

Reducing Wear & Tear

Line delivery carts are common in the automotive industry, as well. These are series of carts chained together and moved via a tug to improve production. Though it is a phenomenal concept and one that serves these facilities well, choosing the right heavy-duty casters can provide some much-needed improvement. For example, in cases where heavy loads are dropped into carts from above, the strain on the casters is significant. Choosing shock-absorbing casters is vital in this case as it takes the pressure off the inner workings of the wheels, extending the life of the casters.

What’s more, as more and more carts are added to the line of carts, the more friction there is on the wheels. Thought the wheels will continue to move, the excess friction causes the casters to wear more quickly, resulting in unnecessary costs. For this application, casters that reduce floor friction are vital; shock-absorbing casters toward the rear of the line, where the friction is greatest, can be beneficial.

Resistant to Moisture, Chemicals, and Sparks

Wetness, chemicals, heat, and flammable materials are everywhere in the automotive industry, so it is important to choose heavy-duty casters that can withstand these things without rusting, breaking down, melting, or creating sparks that may cause fires. Different casters offer their own unique benefits in this regard, but it is up to the facility owner or manager to choose casters for each area that are designed to withstand the environment. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to combine some of these features into one perfect caster that provides safety and productivity despite an extreme environment.

Once upon a time, caster wheels were a dime a dozen and came in only a handful of styles. Today, though, you can find regular casters and even drive casters that have taken the special challenges presented in the automotive industry to heart. These casters reduce effort, improve productivity, boost safety, and offer improved longevity – all of which can help reduce your bottom line.