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When it comes to choosing heavy-duty industrial casters for your niche or industry, there are many different companies from which you can choose. However, here at Caster Concepts, things are different. We work hard to develop casters that suit every possible industry, whether you want to reduce injury, improve safety, or reduce maintenance costs.

Wheels for Every Industry

Whether you work in the aerospace, manufacturing, warehousing, train, or even automotive industry, we have you covered. Each of our products was carefully designed with the specialized needs of these niches in mind. This means that every one of our clients receives caster wheel technology that was engineered and developed with industry-specific challenges in mind.

Modern Process for Modern Challenges

Today’s world is changing. Every year, new technologies bring newer, more efficient ways to get a job done. At Caster Concepts, our goal is (and always will be) to stay up-to-date on the processes being used by every imaginable industry. This allows our engineering and design teams to develop new, modern processes that allow for the creation of need-specific casters, even as the times keep changing.

Caster Testing Technology

Each and every caster created by our team is placed in the DWETM, or Dynamic Wheel Endurance Test Machine. This machine was designed and developed by our own team. It is computer controlled, which means it can run indefinitely without being attended. The goal here is to put each type of caster under stress to see what it can handle and how long it will last under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. This way, we can engineer each of our products to stand the test of time, even in unfavorable environments.

Conceptual Innovations

Our Conceptual Innovations team is a groundbreaking group of engineers and manufacturing specialists who help small and medium sized manufacturing facilities grow. These individuals use information gathered from business owners to create proof of concepts and prototypes that can be tested in their lab facilities and honed to perfection. This sets us apart from the competition by providing small and medium business owners an outlet to learn more about casters, ergonomics, and more. We take concepts and turn them into innovations that business owners can use to their advantage.

Custom CAD Configurator

Larger companies and those who have employed safety engineers have access to our CAD configurator, which allows them to upload CAD models for review and development. This allows companies to design and develop their own unique casters to suit their needs. We can also provide feedback and recommend changes to existing designs to make them more ergonomic or more cost-effective, depending on the company’s needs.

We are not just another manufacturer of casters and wheels. They have decades of experience in analyzing potential workplace hazards and risks, then developing products designed to minimize them. If you want the best and safest workplace experience, contact us today for more information about our unique processes.