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Like many other industries, steel caster wheels are always being studied and analyzed for improvements. Here, you’ll learn more about some of the emerging trends in the heavy-duty steel caster wheel industry and what they might mean for your company in the very near future.

Enhanced Safety Features

Caster wheels are an important part of many industries’ manufacturing needs, and that is precisely why so many caster designers focus heavily on employee safety. During the average workday, the number of times you think about your casters is likely none, and that is exactly how it should be. The goal, then, is to ensure that companies continue to get top safety and functionality from their casters without the need to worry about failures and safety issues. One of the biggest trends in heavy-duty steel casters is the development of new and improved safety features, such as better foot brakes and frictionless motion, which can tremendously reduce employee injury risks.

New Materials for Better Durability

Taking time out of the workday to replace worn-out or failed casters hampers your productivity. The same can be said if you are constantly having to stop production to maintain your caster wheels by greasing bearings and checking fittings. Another of the most important emerging trends in the caster industry is the testing and development of better materials that provide a more durable caster. Different types of plastics and even materials like silicone and rubber are all being added to steel casters and tested in simulations, and this means that you can tailor your casters to your environment, enhancing their durability. Caster manufacturers are also looking to expand their ability to customize wheels to very specific needs for this reason.

The Ability to Move Larger Loads

Until recently, the number of companies able to offer truly ultra-heavy-duty casters was very few. Companies in need of casters that could easily and safely support many tons of material had only a few options from which to choose. These days, more and more companies are learning about the importance of safe, ergonomic, and durable ultra-heavy-duty casters. This means they are working diligently through the use of CAD and other technologies to create some of the absolute best and most affordable ultra-heavy-duty casters in the world.

Moving Awkward Loads More Safely

In a perfect world, every facility across the globe would need to move only symmetrical, balanced loads in a straight line from one point to the next. Unfortunately, this is rarely how it works in the real world, and these companies need casters that can help them deal with awkward situations. Currently, companies are working to develop better, safer alternatives for moving unbalanced or awkward loads around obstacles and even over imperfections in the floor.

Most of the emerging trends in the heavy-duty steel caster industry focus on safety and productivity. After all, you cannot have one without the other, and you rely on your casters during the workday far more than you think. When you can thoughtlessly and effortlessly move even the heaviest loads, you can get more done in the day – and boost your overall revenue, too.