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It often is surprising to people to learn of the multitude of applications for industrial casters – uses that might never have come to mind in spite of being in plain view.

That’s because, generally speaking, the signature of a well-built, heavy-duty caster is that it is neither seen nor heard – casters quietly do their job while helping improve manufacturing productivity.

Few examples epitomize this unique material-handling role than in a very unexpected application – pneumatic caster wheels, mounted beneath a stage that will support a halftime show during a Thanksgiving Day football game.

We have worked for several years with a client to facilitate this supporting role on one of the NFL’s biggest TV viewing days. The dual-wheel pneumatic casters were chosen for this application because of their impressive capabilities in both rolling atop, and preventing damage to, grassy and turf surfaces.

Additional challenges presented by this high-profile assignment include dips and gaps created by gnashing football cleats, as well as a very tight time limitation for the stage to be towed to, and towed off, the center of the football field.

In addition to the inflated heavy-duty caster wheels, a swivel mechanism allows for fine-tuning adjustments to the placement of the stage and even maneuvering, whether the load is under tow by a vehicle or being hand-pushed.

So, while many people will be watching football this Thanksgiving to cheer on their favorite team, the team at Caster Concepts will be rooting for its own heavy-duty caster hero. Though you won’t see our heavy-duty pneumatic caster wheels with your own eyes, now you’ll understand why they are a critical element in putting on a major performance in a very short amount of time.  Enjoy the show have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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