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Caster wheels play several important roles in the manufacturing industry. Of these, their ability to keep employees safe and improve efficiency is by far the most important. Here are some of the most popular caster wheel types across all manufacturing industries.


The CastershoX line of casters solves a few problems that are common in manufacturing facilities. First, their unique design reduces workplace noise, which improves safety and efficiency in itself. Next, they are also designed to withstand the shock of rolling over extension cords or breaks in floors without the load shifting. This protects not only your employees but also your equipment and the contents of your carts and racks.

Twergo Wheels

Ergonomics is important in manufacturing facilities, and that’s why the Twergo line of casters and wheels was developed. Both the Twergo and Twergo Lite options were designed to reduce the initial force needed to start a load moving, which can reduce workplace injury and boost efficiency, too. When your employees can move loads more easily, they can move loads more quickly – and more safely, too.


ERGOXCEL is another line of ergonomic casters, and this time, it’s about the wheel and the rig. So, ERGOXCEL rigs are maintenance-free, which means when they are paired with ergonomic wheels, employees can keep working hour after hour, day after day without fear of injury or equipment breakdown. It saves an incredible amount of time and money for the company, too.

Drive Casters

Drive casters take load movement to the next level by reducing the amount of force required to move a load. These motorized casters are standalone units that you can connect to an existing power and control source. It’s a great way to replace worn-out drive casters or simply build an arsenal of movement-assisted carts and racks to improve employee happiness and reduce the risk of injury.

Conversion Drive Casters

Finally, conversion drive casters can convert your existing carts into partially self-propelled carts. They reduce the risk of overexertion and boost workplace productivity by limiting the number of employees required to move a single load from place to place. For example, if it once took four people to safely maneuver a cart across a facility, the use of conversion drive casters can free up three employees to focus on other tasks.

Custom-Designed Casters

Of course, if none of these casters meets your manufacturing facility’s unique needs, it’s possible to design and create custom casters for your applications. We employ engineers and safety experts to help you create the best possible products for your needs, and you will be involved in each step of the process to ensure you get exactly what your company needs.

Each of the caster types listed above offers unique benefits in the manufacturing industry. However, it is important to remember that no two manufacturing facilities are the same, and different settings require different caster types. This information can help you make better decisions about your caster needs.