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Caster Concepts’ unique hands-on analysis of material handling challenges has positively transformed the operations of companies in aviation, aerospace, marine, heavy equipment manufacturers, automated systems, and many others.

Our in-field specialists deliver effective solutions through expert analysis and tailored designs. We provide casters that are safer, longer lasting, and able to move material more easily, helping the customer realize a faster ROI. Often, other caster manufacturers do not want to spend the time or resources to fully understand the customer’s problem and deliver a solution that works for the customer’s process.

What makes our in-field specialists so unique?


Custom Skate HD Caster Solution Puts Autovol’s Modular Homes On Solid Ground.

Our first example was helping a modular home manufacturer struggling with frequent breakdowns of conventional machine mover skates. These breakdowns led to high replacement costs and production downtime. Unlike other caster manufacturers, Caster Concepts didn’t shy away from complexity. Through a thorough analysis, we developed a custom-designed skate, significantly improving efficiency and reducing replacement costs by the hundreds of thousands.

What happens when you have a caster rig on a helicopter dolly from the 1950s that needs a new wheel today? Call the specialists at Caster Concepts! Taking the time to understand the challenge, Caster Concepts used the customer’s measurements to develop a non-standardized wheel that integrated with the older caster rig, ensuring safe, efficient, and economical operation.

Hands-on analysis combined with heavy-duty casters also helped an asphalt equipment manufacturer solve their material transportation headaches. The company had reached out to other caster manufacturers who didn’t want to visit the facility to understand the complexity of the situation.

Caster Concepts visited the site to assess the challenge firsthand. The team worked with the customer to develop a single heavy-duty caster solution. The result was a caster that worked flawlessly in all plant areas, handled the various weight capacities, and streamlined the entire process.

On-Site Solution Analysis for a Better ROI.

Whether a simple modification or a fully customized design involving our experienced in-house engineering and manufacturing teams, we aim to solve your specific requirements efficiently and effectively. Our abilities include but are not limited to:

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These examples demonstrate the advantages of a hands-on approach to solving unique material handling challenges. Whether it’s custom designs, addressing ergonomic concerns, or tackling complex situations, our in-field specialists and engineering teams produce the right solution for your specific needs.

Contact Caster Concepts today to discuss your material handling challenges and discover how we can help you achieve optimal efficiency and safety.