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A global equipment manufacturer specializing in process equipment used in asphalt plants, including burners, baghouses, control systems, and drum mixers, needed casters to help transport this heavy equipment around the facility without damage.


The company had been using 30-year-old bomber carts to transport the heavy equipment, which can easily weigh up to 60,000 lbs. The problem was these bomber carts had different types of casters, depending on location.  This meant some casters worked better in some areas but not in others. It was a mishmash of cart configurations that wasn’t efficient.

The issue intensified when two material baggers fell off the bomber carts during transport. This raised concern for the safety of the workers and that the expensive equipment could be damaged.

Matt Feichter, a Solutions Manager for Caster Concepts, visited the site to assess the challenge firsthand. Caster Concepts engineers take the time to fully understand the use case, ensuring the proper caster is specified.

Matt also brought in support from the VP of Product Solutions, Doug Backinger, and the engineering team. Together, they found the best heavy duty dual-wheel caster solution for the customer.


2-99 Series Heavy Duty Caster

2-99 Series Heavy Duty Caster

By commonizing the material handling operations, Caster Concepts designed a single heavy-duty caster solution: The 99 Series Extra-Heavy-Duty Dual Wheel Caster. Why this particular caster? Because it could work flawlessly in all plant areas,  handle the various weight capacities, and streamline the entire process.

Each cart had two swivels and two rigid, heavy-duty 99 series casters with specially formulated heavy-duty polyurethane wheels.

These heavy duty dual-wheel casters are ideal for transporting large equipment, carrying the heaviest loads while extending life significantly beyond traditional industrial casters. They are ideal when payload security is the primary concern. The dual raceway design provides superior carrying capacity and ensures smooth rotation of this massive caster even when heavily loaded.

Beyond Standard Products and Service.

As the only caster manufacturer to perform onsite analysis, Caster Concepts delivers the correct solution for your unique material handling challenge. Contact us for more information.