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Caster Concepts Casters are, BY FAR, the Best, Most Bulletproof Casters I Have Ever Seen

                          — Greg Sykes, Maintenance Director, Autovol

The Situation:

Autovol, a global leader in modular home construction, faced a recurring issue of replacing some of their most critical need casters every three years. This frequent replacement resulted in significant maintenance issues, and thousands were spent on each new caster installment.

The Solution:

Enter Caster Concepts, a material handling solutions provider specializing in high-capacity casters. Tasked with the challenge of designing a system to move modular homes that exceed 50,000 lbs., Caster Concepts engineered a solution utilizing ten 81-series heavy duty casters capable of handling a load of over 10,000 lbs. each.

The result? A seamless transition from persistent caster replacement to Caster Concepts Heavy Duty Casters. These casters have already lasted almost twice as long as the old casters and, at five years, are still going strong. This was a significant achievement, as maintenance and replacing the old casters cost the company more than $50,000 per caster.

The 81 Series Kingpinless Caster

The 81 Series Kingpinless Casters designed for this product features a unique single-ball race design, which provides a high-strength swivel section. It is valued for its simplicity and for providing a challenging caster for demanding industrial applications where shock loading is prevalent.

The ease of swiveling with this heavy-duty caster also promotes very long life cycles and many years of low-cost operation.

Two companies with products built to last.

Going on five years now, Autovol has yet to request replacement parts, a testament to the longevity and durability of the Caster Concepts’ solution. Autovol’s Maintenance Director Greg Sykes expressed his satisfaction: “These are BY FAR the best, most bulletproof casters I have ever seen.”

This success story highlights Caster Concepts’ dedication to providing reliable, long-lasting solutions tailored to their clients’ unique challenges.

 It also exemplifies how proper caster design reduces the frequency of replacements (saving the cost of new casters and downtime), enables greater loads per cart, and reduces stress injuries. As a trusted partner in Autovol’s expansion, Caster Concepts continues to showcase the lasting impact of its commitment to quality and innovation in the modular home industry. To find out more, contact us or call 888.296.9564.