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Dual wheel casters have been used for years in applications where heavy loads needed to be handled in a fashion that was not applicable to a single wheel caster. TWERGO® wheel is really an adaptation of a dual wheel design for lighter loads and without having a center support leg.  TWERGO® wheels are used in a variety of applications where:

1) Ergonomics is an issue for the user or;

2) Ease of movement of the caster is reflected in the life of battery i.e., an AGV/AGC application. TWERGO® wheels can also be used in manual or powered applications.

The most common application that utilizes the benefits of TWERGO® wheels is when a push-pull measurement of a hand manipulated cart exceeds the desired forces that can be safely used by the operator. Recent third party testing verifies reductions in forces from the application of the TWERGO® wheel by 55 percent. Many times the wheel can be assembled into an existing rig to test the impact of the wheel. If you are attempting to optimize the ergonomic impact of the caster you may need to also change the swivel section of the caster.

It is not surprising that if a wheel would roll easier or swivel easier it would impact the battery draw down of a battery powered vehicle. Hence, TWERGO® wheels are used extensively in this application to improve battery life, limit charging stops and improve throughput. In today’s world of automation all of these issues are important.

Casters with TWERGO® wheels range from 900 to 5000 lbs capacity per caster. TWERGO® wheels are designed so that each wheel rolls independently so the outside wheel when turning is going a little bit faster than the inside wheel which will minimize scrubbing and sliding and hence reduce the force to roll the wheel.

Our engineers recently worked with a customer who was experiencing a 70+lbs push/pull rating. Their goal was to achieve push pull numbers of 30-35 lbs. Once all the factors impacting the application were understood, including load, speed and duty cycle the engineering staff optimized the caster using TWERGO® wheels to achieve the customers desired levels.

If you are struggling with an ergonomic application or an AGC/AGV application, it may be time to consider our TWERGO® product. Might just be what you are looking for.

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