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Too often people believe a caster is a caster, however a simple “correctly fitted” caster can solve many material handling relatedsafety issues.

Before choosing any industrial casters, and to help determine if you indeed have safety concerns, you should ask, “Where are my work related injuries coming from and why?” And, “How can I reduce the physical effort needed to move things around our facility?”

Some of the most serious work related injuries are sprains and strains. These typically evolve from employees struggling to push and pull carts within the facility. These can be difficult to move for a number of reasons. The most common is the wrong caster was chosen for the application or the current casters are worn and need replaced. Details that should be considered include: wheel material, bearing type, swivel section, swivel lead, wheel diameter, and wheel width.  These features can also help eliminate noise (a major safety concern) in facilities by eliminating caster flutter (flutter is when a caster wobbles back and forth while moving). Noise dampening products such as CasterShoX® can significantly reduce noise. While other features that can address safety in a facility are toe guards and brakes to eliminate employees feet from being ran over!

Again, too often the belief is a caster is a caster. Most facilities are using a caster they picked out of a catalog or someone just told them to use it based on very little application knowledge. Here at Caster Concepts we ask a lot of detailed questions to understand our customer’s application to the smallest detail. This helps us diagnose the problem quickly and design a caster to solve their problems. Our goal is to build trust with our customers and provide a better work place for their employees. If your employees are your most important asset don’t cheat them, spend some time with one of our sales representative and find out what the best product is for your facility.

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