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Heavy Duty Casters and Caster Wheels

Caster Concepts, a leading manufacturer of heavy duty casters and caster wheels, supplies standard or custom-designed casters and wheels to meet any need and budget.

Caster Concepts engineering and manufacturing uses the most modern processes and supports the customer after the purchase. Our goal is to provide the heavy duty casters and wheels that fit your specific application. Customers turn to Caster Concepts when facing the broadest imaginable application challenges. Caster Concepts are expert at solving unique mobility problems and will engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications.

Supplying industrial casters and caster wheels, for virtually every industry, Caster Concepts has a long history of quality products, outstanding service and never-ending desire for exceptional results. Continuous improvement of not only products but also process keeps us on the leading edge when it comes to custom solutions.

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Heavy Duty Caster Blog

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October 1, 2014 By: Jackie Masternak

Caster Concepts Drive Casters are perfect for loads over 4,000 lbs. that require two or more people to move.

Automation at the Wheel

Drive Casters Keep Manufacturing Plants Moving. At Caster Concepts, sometimes our best inspiration comes from the caster design challenges our existing customers bring to us. Such input has led to innovations like CasterShoX, which conquers the problems posed by uneven [...]


Industrial Caster News

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October 1, 2014 By: Jewell Flora

Twergo Casters can carry 25% more weight than traditional casters.

Industrial Caster Wheels: Design Driven by Ergonomics

How wheel application reduces push pull forces on manual cart in manufacturing-TWERGO. Are two really better than one? It’s a time-honored question that is applicable to things like relationships, that extra hot dog at the beach -- and heavy duty [...]


Caster Case Studies

Twergo - Multiple Wheel Ergonomic Caster

Push Pull

Situation: Major automotive manufacturer was unable to pass ergonomic push pull tests on line delivery carts. Failure to meet the OSHA guidelines would put the entire operation at risk of being closed. It is documented that facilities that continually have [...]

Caster Concepts 55 Series with poly lock brake

Lasting Products

Situation: A classic case of low cost versus total cost of ownership: A large food processor was experiencing frequent caster and wheel failures which shortened the life cycle on wash-down carts being used in operations. The caster failure was that [...]

Caster Concepts Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster with t/?R Poly Tread

T/R Compound Wheel

Customer: Tire Manufacturer Application: Industrial Carts Issue: Build up of Green (raw) rubber in the manufacturing process Solution: Using a T/R compound wheel the pickup of debris on the wheel was significantly lessened. The wheels previously placed on the carts were [...]


Powder Coated Caster

Customer: Aircraft Component Manufacturer Application: Tow Tractors Issue: The current casters were very expensive and were not holding up to the application and environment at the plant. Solution: Caster Concepts spent time in the facility to fully understand the problem. [...]

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